India H2 Monitor – November 2023

  • CSIRO Delegation to India: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. (Australia's scientific agency) brought a delegation of about 12 researchers to India to visit research institutes and government agencies to explore Green H2 Energy research & Technologies collaborations. IH2A attended delegation’s Delhi symposium to understand various cost-effective innovative technologies that are being developed by research institutes in both countries.


  • GH2 production from Indian power grid to yield 30kg CO2 per kg H2: NITI: VK Saraswat, a member of NITI Aayog, has proposed a ‘twin-track’ approach where blue and green hydrogen are deployed and scaled up simultaneously. He said that hydrogen production through electrolysis from the Indian power grid would result in about 30 kg of CO2 emissions per kg of hydrogen. In contrast, blue hydrogen, produced from natural gas reformation, is estimated to emit 1.7 kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen. He suggested that green hydrogen would have a lower carbon footprint than blue hydrogen only when the grid reaches 90% carbon-free power generation. Link
  • Odisha approves four green hydrogen, ammonia projects worth INR 45,865 crore: Key approvals include Welspun New Energy Limited’s proposal to establish a 0.70 MMTPA green ammonia manufacturing unit, which is expected to require an investment of INR 13,860 crore. Sembcorp Green Hydrogen India Private Limited has also been given the green light to set up a 0.72 MMTPA green ammonia manufacturing unit, with an estimated investment of INR 13,000 crore. Additionally, ReNew E-Fuels Private Limited has received approval for two projects. The first is a green hydrogen (100 KTPA) and green methanol (500 KTPA) manufacturing unit, requiring an investment of INR 10,005 crore. The second project is a green hydrogen (60 KTPA) and green methanol (300 KTPA) manufacturing unit, with an investment of INR 9,000 crore. Link
  • China's Trina Solar eyeing India's market for electrolysers: Trina Solar, a Chinese solar power giant, is optimistic about India’s energy sector growth and plans to sell electrolysers to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in India for Green Hydrogen production. The company is currently in discussions with several developers in India who are setting up Green Hydrogen capacities. Link
  • India may tweak its taxes to counter EU ‘carbon tax’: The Indian government is contemplating an adjustment to its tax system to counteract the effects of the proposed ‘carbon tax’ on imports in European Union (EU) member countries, as stated by Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal. He suggested that if Indian exporters were to pay similar taxes domestically, there would be no need for a new levy at the EU border. Link
  • Govt gets suggestions on accreditation of carbon verification agencies: The Union government is speeding up appointing independent agencies to certify carbon credits for trading. The power ministry is soliciting suggestions on the draft procedure for accrediting carbon verification agencies and has circulated it for public comments. Feedback is also being sought on draft rules regarding the eligibility of these agencies. This initiative is part of the government’s announced “Carbon Credit Trading Scheme”, which is aimed at addressing greenhouse gas emissions. Link
  • Railways to invite global firms to manufacture hydrogen trains: India is planning to invite global expressions of interest for the manufacturing of hydrogen-powered trains, using indigenous technology. A prototype is being developed by Indian Railways. The trains will be manufactured in collaboration with both domestic and international railway system makers. The plan involves retrofitting diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) rakes with hydrogen fuel cells. Indian Railways has proposed to run 35 such trains. Link
  • Adani Group launches green hydrogen blending pilot project in Ahmedabad: Adani Total Gas, co-promoted by Adani Group and TotalEnergies, is planning a project to blend green hydrogen with natural gas for over 4,000 customers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The project is expected to be commissioned by the first quarter of 2024-25, with the percentage of green hydrogen in the blend gradually increasing to up to 8% or more, subject to regulatory approvals. Link


  • Germany plans to develop hydrogen fuel network spanning 6,000 miles: FNB Gas, a German transmission system operator, has plans to construct a hydrogen fuel network in Germany. This network is projected to span over 6,000 miles and is estimated to cost around $21 billion. Interestingly, the network will repurpose existing natural gas pipelines for approximately 60% of its infrastructure, and it is expected to extend across all states within the country. Construction is set to commence in 2024, with the core network anticipated to be fully operational by 2032. Link
  • China's green hydrogen investment tops 300 billion yuan in first nine months: China has invested 300 billion yuan ($42.04 billion) into the green hydrogen industry this year. During the first nine months of this year, 57 green hydrogen projects were either operational, under construction, or awaiting approval. China is also testing trucks, locomotives, and ships powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The China Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Corporation has successfully conducted an explosion experiment for a pipeline carrying a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. Link
  • Australia's Fortescue approves USD 750 mn investment: Australia’s Fortescue has pledged to invest approximately USD 750 million over the next three years in two green energy projects and one green steel project. These investments include a hydrogen hub in Phoenix, Arizona, USA; a 50-megawatt green hydrogen project in Queensland, Australia; and a green iron trial commercial plant in Western Australia. Out of the total investment, USD 550 million will be allocated for the development of an electrolyser and liquefaction facility in Phoenix, with the first production of liquid green hydrogen targeted for 2026. Link
  • EU launches first green hydrogen auction with ceiling price of €4.50/kg: The European Commission, with the support of the European Hydrogen Bank, has initiated its first green hydrogen auction. The auction has a maximum price of €4.50 ($4.91) per kilogram. Approved projects will receive subsidies for a period of 10 years, in addition to the revenue generated from the sales of hydrogen. These projects are required to start production within the next five years. Link
  • Brazil reveals $3.6 billion hydrogen production plan: The state of Ceará in Brazil has signed a contract with Grupo Jepri for an investment of €3.3 billion ($3.6 billion) to establish a green hydrogen plant at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex. The plant is projected to produce 1.2 million tons of green hydrogen annually. The construction of the project is scheduled to begin in 2025, with green hydrogen production expected to commence by the fourth quarter of 2026 or the first quarter of 2027. Link